Environment, Community, and Mine Closure

Proactive environmental planning allows you to minimize liability while taking account of key issues. Our experienced environmental experts will help you comply with regulations and apply cost-effective, technically sound solutions to your environmental challenges.

From initial resource mapping through to mine closure and rehabilitation, we prepare environmental and social impact assessments in accordance with international requirements. This involves assessing, auditing, and monitoring ecological and social risks and turning raw date into meaningful information that will help you make objective decisions in real time.

Our environmental data management skills enable us to process and integrate large and varied spatial data sets of environmental, mining, hydrological, and geotechnical data. Analysis and comparison of the results supports multi-disciplinary decision making and the implementation of unique solutions.

We also specialize in preparing closure and reclamation plans as well as social management planning and stakeholder engagement.


Case study: Learn how innovative environmental permitting can help long-term water treatment costs to be avoided:


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